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Major Product
square or hexlobular thread self-drilling screws

The spuare or hexlobular threads once harden in 410ss or carbon steel show remarkable tapping/threading capacity that tap thick metal sheet into a threaded nut. In other words, as long as there is a pre-drilled hole, these threads will form the threads in the hole for as thick as the sheet. This is what we meant by genuine self-tapping thread. It simply taps and forms threads without chips and dusts as long as the thread and the driven metal. Normally, the conventional round thread will tap only 2-3mm at the most before the threads start to collapse, not with the spuare and hexlobular threads.

We have used this unipue tapping feature on self-drilling screw. As a result, a#3 drill point for instance now performs lide a#4 or even #5 point. A standard #3 point with the conventional round sheet metal threads normally drills 2-3 mm steel sheet only, with these threads, it drills well above 5mm.

Sincethese threads simply cut into the metal instead of frocing into it, you do away with the prethreading process. There is a much tighter gripping and holding power as well.