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Major Product
square thread with ridge for wood, roofing and decking screws
Product range
Stainless steel:AISI 304,305, 316, 410
Carbon & alloy steels
Whitford xylan, ruspert, dacromet clear & yellow zinc, etc.
Head painting
In all colors
  • Very low drive-in-torque, a general 30-40 %less than the type 17 wood screws. Test results from independent lab as shown below.
  • Do away with pre-drilling even on some of the densest woods and composites.
  • Square sharp angle threads cut into the fiber rather than forcing into it allow for better gripping and resistance to stripping.
  • Prolonged battery life for battery-operated guns.
  • Minimize wood cracking problems.
  • Faster driving time means reduced labor costs and accelerated production time.
  • Avoidance from screw breaking markedly reduce the subsequent costly salvage operations.