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Our company is about talents. We have some of the best talents in the industry and make talented products products of unique features.

We specialize in making innovative threading dies. Instead of the conventional round thread, we have introduced the square and the hexlobular threads extensively in wood, self-drilling and concrete screws. It is about substantial drive-in torque reductions and better gripping and holding power, thereby improving the level of product safety.

We announce with pride we now make the best wood, decking, conctete, self- drilling and self-locking screws in ferrous and non-ferrous steels have been used extensively for collation and on some of the hardest woods without breaking.

The self-drilling screws in the square and hexlobular threads are best suited for heavy-gage metals showing astonishing drilling capacity as described in the latter pages.

The self-locking screws in various special thread forms that sell at a fraction of the nylok patch screws ate used in the auto, computer and the toy... industries.

We continue to discover more and more useful applications of the square and hexlobular threads in an ever-expanding scope.

We welcome your challenging ideas for better product performance contributed by screw thread improvements. Send us a sample or a drawing, we are more likely to make what you want 99% of the times if not 100%.
We look forward to working with you to develop new products and excel in the industry